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Wednesday, December 7, 2011


This blog and the statements do not intend to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any condition. Consult your health-care professional before using any suggestions provided.
“I have spent countless hours researching not to count the thousand of dollars trying products I have read through many websites have  amazing and very valuable information. I have adapted the treatments to what I found and use the one I feel most effective for my symptoms. The following steps are not a cure, but they alleviate symptoms to a minimum. The products used are safe, environment friendly, inexpensive but very effective. These are not product advertisements or promotions. Note: (Keep in mind that sometimes we come across a place or item that triggers the symptoms to comeback. If that happens, I always go back to step one and start all over again).
During all the years, I began treating the environment, I obsessed over this issue for about 2 years. Then through all my research I found out that I was going the wrong way about this and reversed my view. That is why I Detox first. As the Morgellons (SB super bug) exit our body, they are going to be in our living environment, thus we have to treat that as well. I don't claim this to be easy, the first time is the worst, because you have to treat your entire home, car, and surroundings. After that it's just maintenance. That includes, your inner, outer-self, environment.
Part of becoming symptom free, doesn't come without giving up many things that we have loved all of our lives. Fortunately for me, I had made a lot of this treatment a part of my life years before I became infected. However, I remember when I first changed the way I ate, it was not easy, but they were worth it for me. After I had my second child, I had been told that in less than 3 years I would be a diabetic. I had Gestational Diabetes that was out of control and taking insulin 6/day. During this time I noticed the effects that my diet took on managing my body, and 12 years later, I am diabetes free...but not SB free.
First there is a list of foods you should not eat. I have tested the effect that these food make on my symptoms, and how the SB react to them. These are the foods that feed it, makes it stronger inside my body. My goal is to make my organs and my body stronger that SB. I am sure that my findings with other ideas can be modified, and I welcome any suggestions to improve my therapy.
I have what I call my baseline (BL) items. These are the items I must have at home at all times. The are a part of my weekly grocery list and I stock up on these as much as possible. Then I have the should have list items, but other items can be modified with the aid of BL items. Last I have the optional list, these are items that are very good, but they can become pricy although they are very effective. I have a way to home make some of these, but they are time consuming, not so easy to make.
In Florida there were many health spas, tanning salons and other places that had Body Detox and Hydration treatments. I found those awesome. The first time I went to one, I still question myself on my observations, due to the fact that in all the research I have read nothing ever mentions what I saw. I have never researched those, since I have spent all of my energy on SB research, but I swear that as the detox process began, I saw tiny little bugs coming out of my body....these were flying insects. There were a lot but enough, five or six, Perhaps it has something to do with the attraction that insects have on my body, but I have noticed that normal insect sprays do not kill these. If you have experienced anything like this I would love to hear about it. Although those beds can become pricy, and difficult to find, I know this; SB reacts to heat, I have seen it in the shower, summer, and sauna. Seat, extracts lots of the SB out, not only makes you body stronger via exercise, but really, when I wipe my sweat, the napkin I use it's like if I was just in a coal mine. Thus, I feel that this is a big part of my therapy. I think that exercise it's most beneficial, but, a steam room, cleaning your house, ot whatever it is I HAVE TO MAKE MY BODY SWEAT!!
My “Magic” items, the things I have come to worship almost are: Baking Soda, Hydrogen Peroxide, Vinegar, ACV, Olive Oil, Salts (e.g. Epson Salt), Garlic and Coconut Oil. If you add Borax, to these that makes make BL list. You have to have these at home just like you have to have water for your body to survive..
 First time I did this, I had not detox ,  I poured it all over my body... I thought that I was going to go insane with with the feeling of crawling all over my body. I also saw, that the dark spots that I had they became white, followed by a pussy, gooey discharged that would not detach from my skin. Repeating the process will burn your skin. I would used hot water to make them detach. Note: I always triple gloved when doing this. The reason why I triple glove is because research says and I have seen that SB has the ability to go through rubber, plastic, In my mind, having three layers makes it more difficult. I tried, household gloved and didn't like that so I went back to my surgical gloves, which I buy boxes at a time at my local pharmacy. I pay between $7-$10 dollars per box of 100. I use these for everything, even cooking. You can read the following website , I find their research very good, beneficial although controversial for my views. You may want to read a lot more than just this one article They have lots of great information.
Also another website  with lots of ideas is the following .


Hydrogen-peroxide. Anti-fungal Shampoo  Sulfur soap 
Baking Soda Distilled Water
Organic Olive Oil Anti-fungal Cream Satin/Silk Bedding, Clothing
Organic Coconut Oil Citric Acid Powder
White Vinegar Borax
Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Mud Facial Mask
Epson Salt Anti-fungal Body Soap

Colloidal Silver

Day 1:
Spray peroxide/salt (see directions below) shower with anti-fungal soap, rinse, dry with paper towels. (i stopped using towels all together) apply anti-fungal mix (afm) all over the body, oil mix (om). and leave for a few hours. Sprinkle your head with baking soda/borax and add olive oil, wrap with paper towels first, then secure with a silk/satin scarf. After a few hours shower with anti-fungal soap. Dry with paper towels and apply anti-fungal mix and leave on.

Day 2:
Spray your body with (vinigar/salt- vs) do not rinse, let it dry. Then apply a afm over the body and leave it on for a few hours. Rinse and apply om

Day 3:
Spray peroxide/salt (ps), shower with afm, apply vs over entire body, leave it on.

Alternate days for two weeks.  

I never had open sores, but I would continue the treatment until the sores heal.  After that, I always use the afm in the shower, clean my face with the om and spray my body with vs.  Since my most problematic area is on my head, I always comb my hair every day with a very fine comb.  I have used lice combs but they are too hard on your scalp for long periods of time.  I have a comb in the shower after I shampoo my hair and let it sit, while I scrub my body with baking soda and borax with a brush.  You will see, that when you begin the therapy, you shower will be black and when you rinse yourself the water will be very dark.  The more you do it you will see a difference.    I apply olive oil all over my body, and coconut oil on my face.  They are both great for your skin.

Infrared saunas are very helpful. Avoid dry heat, they will make you fell worst.  Lots of water, and aroma therapy are great.  I also, use satin sheets, satin and silk my favorite fabrics.  I noticed that for some reason the SB does not stick to this type of fabric.  They have to be pure silk or 100% satin. You can test this by getting a lint-roller, and run it on something you use made of cotton or any other material, and then try it on the silk/satin.  I use satin sheets, night-ware, and clothing as much as possible.  I never use a bath towel anymore.  

Also, at least once a week, soak your feet and hands in a hot water and add the following: Baking soda, borax, olive oil, coconut oil, sea salt, lemon, garlic juice.  soak till the water gets warm, then scrub your feet/hands and rinse dry and apply coconut oil. You will be amaze what you see come out.

Directions for sprays and mixes:

Anti-fungal mix: (afm)
Mix 2 oz of dandruff shampoo, 1tbs of olive oil, ½oz of baking soda, ½oz borax, 2oz of organic lemon juice. Shake well before using
Body oil mix: (om)
Mix 3oz of organic coconut oil (make sure is in liquid form), ½oz of olive oil, 2 tbs of organic acv and ½ tbs of organic lemon juice.
Peroxide/salt Spray: (ps)
mix 8 oz warm water, 1 oz peroxide and ½oz salt wash entire body (if stings, decrease peroxide and salt) dry with paper towels and discard

Vinegar/salt Spray: (vs)
Mix 4 oz vinegar, 1 oz salt to 12 oz warm water - if stings, reduce vinegar spray entire body do not rinse - air dry eyes, ears, nose, genital and other sensitive areas: you may experience an increase in irritation in certain areas when you begin the therapy.

You may find the following websites useful:
Http:// printableprotocol.html

     NEXT......Your Environment, Clothing, and Food 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Self-check For Morgellons

This blog and the statements do not intend to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any condition.   Consult your health-care professional before using any suggestions provided.

In  my opinion, “Morgellons” disease. is far from what a traditional disease is. It is nothing like shingles or polio. It doesn't seem to have a course nor it's exclusive to contact with other people, although research has shown many similarities to those who have been affected by it.

There are so many hypotheses about, what makes you  a person became a host.  Research results, includes some of the medical, social, and psychological history of the people that have been affected.


200 People
Depression 27.00%
Bipolar 38.00%
ADD 17.00%
Anxiety 6.00%
Allergies 21.00%
Orthopedic Surgery 85.00%
Severe Stress 32.00%
Anesthesia 85.00%
Smoker 30.00%
Anemia 2.00%


I really think that this would be something that they should account for.

Some blogs I have read people are not sure what they have, if they have it.  So I put these down perhaps it maybe help some.  I know when I had no idea what I had, I could had use something.

Do I Have Mogellons?

These are self-checks that may help you.  The Wine check, it is something that Dr. Carnicom, suggest you do on a regular basis.  In his research he has shown that it's a good way to keep the fibers out of your mouth,and decay free.

Hydrogen-peroxide And Red Grape Wine Test:

          Things You Need
  1. 3% hydrogen-peroxide
  2. Red Wine (e.g.merlot)
  3. White Sink
  4. Glass
  5. Q-tips

Before you do this, brush you teeth real good, rinse your mouth several times.
Pour a small amount of wine into a glass. ( Just enough as if you were going to rinse with mouthwash) .

Take the Q-tip soak it in hydrogen-peroxide, and swab your teeth with it.
Take the wine and rinse your mouth for at least one minute, no more than two the first time.
Then spit out into the white sink, and look for those fibers. The first time you should see a lot.

Then do it again , and you will see, as they come out.

WARNING: Don't do this test more than 2x the first day you do it, you can build up to it. Do to the effect that it has the first times getting all the fibers out of your mouth, you can loose your fillings if you have any. As you do it, the amount will be less, but you would be able to see the fibers, every time you do this test, unless you become FREE of this parasite.

Monday, December 5, 2011

My War Against Morgellons (Dictyostelium discoideum)

My war with Morgellons began over 3 years ago. At the time I lived in Florida, which they believe was one of the first three states where it all began. At the beginning, I really didn't know what was going on, the first thing I thought was, I had lice, then body lice, then scabies, but, I was treated for all those, and they always came back within a day or two. One day, I was walking passed a mirror, and glanced at it, It was then that I saw something that looked like a nest of lice, but it was right below my neck. I had also noticed that my finger nails and the bottom of my feet they were always dirty, and every effort I made to get that black dirt out, it either came right back, or wouldn’t come off. Furthermore, I observed that in my laundry room, the clothes I hang to dry had red lint balls,(very similar to when you wash a poor quality polyester fabric) but these were red. Every time I went in there, I felt as if I was being attack by fleas. Later on I called a fumigator, and he laughed at me when I showed him what I was talking about. He asked me "Do you want me to fumigate for lint"?. I began researching what could that be, and ways to get rid of it. I came across an article about Coconut Oil that said pure coconut oil could kill parasites and takes toxins out your body. I didn't have any Coconut Oil, but I had sunscreen made with coconut oil, so I ventured out, and began to spray it all over my legs. It was then when I thought I was living some supernatural moment or something in relation to the movie Aliens. I saw what appeared to be long strings of hair, lots of it. The more oil I put on, the more it came out...OMG...after 2 hours of doing this, there was a pile on the floor, as if I had just had cut my hair. I was confused, scared, horrified to say the least. As if that had not been bad enough, a few days later, something even worst happened. A few hairs fell on my arm, and as I was about to pull them off, I saw them go through my skin, and they were gone. I thought I was loosing my mind, so I put some hair on my arm to make sure I wasn't seeing things....sure enough, it was like a Venus fly trap, except, my arm didn't have lips. Talk about being freaked out. It took me almost 9 months to find something about Morgellons. After that, same as everyone else, doctors thought I was crazy, delusional, depressed, etc. I saw a dermatologist, did a biopsy, and honestly, I really wanted it to be cancer, but it wasn't, he said it was inconclusive, gave me antibiotics for 4 months and told me they will do the biopsy again then. When I began taking the medicine, a small sore on my face turned black and huge. I called the doctor several times, I wanted him to see what was happening......he never called me, so I never went back. I wonder why, now that I think about it. I never mention anything to him about Morgellons. I was going nuts, I didn't know what to do. The more I read, the worst I got. There is so much stuff out there it's hard to believe, so I covered my mattress, pillows and anything I touch with plastic, I vacuumed my mattress, pillows, hair, yes hair, carpet, body as much as I could daily. I bought a microscope, and I did a lot of experiments with all the information I had gathered. I was able to kill "The Super Bug" as they call it now, the problem was that I could not spend every second of the day trying to kill these things, and unless my body would fight them, it was senseless to continue with all the insanity, which left me tired, defeated, and very depressed. I changed my attitude, I looked for a more holistic approach, and although I still have symptoms, they are not as bad, except when I become aggressive with my therapy, then it can get really bad. I have been researching a new therapy which I will discuss later on. I think it may work, and I am going to try it, but I have to get myself ready for this. When you begin to detox your body, it is so bad, not only the crawling, but you actually see them all over, your bed, your clothes, your skin. You feeling falling getting in your eyes..not a fun thing. Aside of that, you get pretty sick, vomit, diarrhea, fevers, shaking........It really is a lot. I need to prepare myself for it, not only physically, but mentally. I am looking for the items I need. I would love to start a new year free. I added a video on here, if you haven't seen it, you need to. I think it's one of the best I have seen. Next time I will share things that have helped me. I have tried a lot of of things...even showering with bedbug spray. I would love to hear your experience......How did you find out? For what I read two days ago, HELP IS ON THE WAY! I am trying to make the journal ready, but for what I saw, they found a cure in India...which only means, either we all have to go India or wait for US to test, review, approve and that may take years...but at least it's progress <3